Heir to a long tradition


Proud to practise a craft that is more than a century old, Lost River Canoes builds cedar strip/canvas canoes according to the traditional method. Concerned about the protection of this precious heritage, we also restore old cedar/canvas canoes. All of our work is by hand using renewable materials, and avoids petroleum by-products.

Cedar canvas canoes; the superior choice


We prefer the cedar canvas canoe as much for its light weight, strength and manoeuvrability as for its beauty, comfort, and the warmth of its materials. The lacquered canvas covered hull has an unrivalled suppleness.

To these numerous qualities, we add durability and ease of restoration. With minimal maintenance, your boat will last decades; even your heirs will appreciate it.

Restoration et repairs


Our workshop also specializes in the restoration of old canoes, carried out with respect to tradition. In the shop we fabricate and install replacement parts with the same wood and similar grain, and match
the aged colour and patina of the weathered originals.

The shop will not be taking on restoration work for an indefinite period.
However, we will continue to build new canoes.
Thank you.

The craftsman


Luc Melançon studied fine arts and environmental design at the University of Quebec in Montreal. While dedicated to visual arts, particularly sculpture, he taught fine arts including set
decorations and costumes in the first and second grades. He was a photo technician for an international association and a graphic designer for diverse publications. He also completed a course in cabinetmaking.