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New canoe


Lost River Model
standard or portage

 $ 4300



Restoration and repairs


Alongside fabrication and restoration, Lost River Canoes offers its clients many maintenance and replacement products. Below is a partial list of our products and services.


Free estimate


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Unit prices

This price list is subject to change without notice. It is available for reference but has no commercial value.
Shaped twart yoke each 75.00 $
Thwart,cherry or ash each 50.00 $
One piece white ash beveled at 10o pair 140.00 $
Decks ash, cherry or other each 35.00 $
Keel, white ash each 120.00 $
Seats hand caned pair 200.00 $
Planking clear white cedar 5/32″ thick lin. ft. 4.00 $
Clear white cedar 5/32″ thick lin. ft. 5.00 $
Ribs clear white cedar each 10.00 $
à 15.00 $
Brass tacks pound 90.00 $
Brass deck rings (installed) each 25.00 $
Brass stem bands pair 60.00 $
Brass stem bands installed pair 100.00 $
Decals (Chestnut, Peterborough, etc.) each 25.00 $
Marine lacquer 750 ml 65.00 $
Marine varnish 1000 ml 65.00 $
Canvas filler linseed oil and silica based (lead free) 4 L 90.00 $
Number 10 canvas (other grades on request) yard 25.00 $
Ribs, steam bended stained and installed each 50.00 $
Replacing planking (incl. dyeing and varnish) lin. ft. 10.00 $
Inwale splice each 80.00 $
Rib top splice each 25.00 $
Stem splice each 80.00 $
Replacing stem each 225.00 $
New deck each 50.00 $
New inwales installed pair 400.00 $
Outwale pair 180.00 $
Recaning handwoven seats hole 1.75 $
Removing gunwales, keel and old canvas lin. ft. 65.00 $
(base price 840.00$)
Linseed oil based preservative applied to the hull, new no10 canvas filled and hand rubbed (one month to cure), 1 coat of primer, 3 coats of marine grade enamel, reinstall original keel and stem bands
Other services
Sanding and varnish interior lin. ft. 15.00 $
Verify hull and reset loose tacks 95.00 $
Apply linseed oil based preservative on hull 45.00 $
Other services per hour 40.00 $